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First Mridanga Thaniaavarthanam Programme, 2003 - Pancha Nadais in Five Eka Thalams


We presented our first Thaniavarthanam programme at Vani Mahal Mini Hall on the 5th of August 2003. This programme featured five Nadais in the five Eka Thalams. We presented Tisra Mel Kalam Nadai (6 letters each count) in Tisra Eka Thalam (3 counts), Chatusra Mel Kalam Nadai (8) in Chatusra Eka Thalam (4), Kanda Nadai (5) in Kanda Eka Thalam (5), Misra Nadai (7) in Misra Eka Thalam (7), and finally, Sankirna Nadai (9) in Sankirna Eka Thalam (9). Pallavis were composed on various deities by Shri T A P Ravishankar.

Please listen to the concluding piece of the programme, in Sankirna Eda Thalam. The performers are T Sampath, Suriya Subramanian and S K Jagadish, students of M N Hariharan. Chatursra Kuraippu, Mohara and Pancha Nadai Korvai.

The Thaniavarthanam programme was well attended by several musicians including Madurai Shri T Srinivasan, Prof. Shri T R Subramanyam, Shri T H Vinayakaram, Mannargudi Shri A Easwaran, Smt. S Rajeswari, Smt. Vasanthalakshmi Narasimhachari, and Shri. M V Narasimhachari. They appreciated our sincere effort and were extremely pleased with our noteworthy performance. The concept of playing five Nadais in the five Eka Thalams was the first of its kind. Several young Carnatic musicians and percussion artists in particular were also present on the occasion.

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