Combination of accent and overline

An accent and overline can be combined to say that a Thathakaram must be played in Maelkalam as shown in table 5.

Table 5: Thathakaram in Maelkalam
Representation Sollu
\ensuremath{\acute{\ensuremath{\overline{3}}}} \ensuremath{\overline{Tha Thi, Ki Ta Thom}}
\ensuremath{\acute{\ensuremath{\overline{5}}}} Tha Thi Tha \ensuremath{\overline{Kita}} Thom
\ensuremath{\acute{\ensuremath{\overline{7}}}} \ensuremath{\overline{Kita Thaka Thari Thana Kita Thaka Thom,}}

Suriya Subramanian 2007-01-11