Use of Punctuation to denote Karvai

We use punctuation to denote Karvai. The punctuation symbols used are Comma (,) and Semi-colon (;). Comma denotes a Karvai of 1 Mathirai, and Semi-colon denotes a Karvai of 2 Mathirai. Karvai greater than 2 Mathirai are denoted by combining atmost one Comma with more than one Semi-colon(s). The representation are given in table 2.

Table 2: Representation of Karvai
Karvai Representation
1 ,
2 ;
3 ,;
4 ;;
5 ,;;
6 ;;;
7 ,;;;
8 ;;;;
9 ,;;;;

It should be noted that at maximum only one Comma can come in any representation. And the Comma should always come in the inner portion. The use of such a notation is shown in table 3.

Table 3: Use of Karvai
Representation Thathakaram
5 Tha Thi Ki Ta Thom
6 Tha Thi, Ki Ta Thom
7 Tha, Thi, Ki Ta Thom
8 Tha Thin, Tha Thi Ki Ta Thom
9 Tha, Thin, Tha Thi Ki Ta Thom
10 Tha; Thin, Tha Thi Ki Ta Thom

Suriya Subramanian 2007-01-11