Use of Numbers instead of letters

In this system we use numbers instead of letters. Any lesson or Sollu is represented by its corresponding duration or Mathirai value. The basic examples for this are shown in table 1.

Table 1: Basic Sollu and representation
Representation Sollu
1 Tha
2 Tha Ka
3 Tha Ki Ta
4 Tha Ka Thi Na
5 Tha Ka Tha Ki Ta
6 Tha Ka Tha Ka Thi Na
7 Tha Ka Thi Mi Tha Ki Ta
8 Tha Ka Tha Ri Ki Ta Tha Ka
9 Tha Ka Thi Mi Tha Ka Tha Ki Ta

The main advantage of this method is flexibility and conciseness. It should be noted that 4 can mean ``Tha Ka Thi Mi'' or ``Tha Ka Thi Na'' or ``Ki Ta Tha Ka'' or ``Tha Ri Ki Tha'' or any other equivalent depending on the place where it is going to be played.

Suriya Subramanian 2007-01-11