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Korvais Made Easy

Korvais Made Easy

The primary objective of this book is to enable Carnatic musicians and percussionists to easily compose Korvais in various Nadais (Tempo) according to the Thalam and Edam of the song. A Korvai is a composition consisting of two components Purvangam and Uttarangam, and is usually played thrice. The first Korvai has to begin at Samam (the beginning of the Thalam cycle) and the third Korvai has to end at the Edam or Eduppu of the song. By using this book, the performer has to simply look up the tables in this book to find the Alavu (measurement) of the Korvai to be played, and then compose a Korvai for that Alavu and present it.

Some of the features of the book

Some Korvais composed using the book

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