Find the duration (alavu) of Korvai (creative rhythmic composition) to suit the song's starting point (Eduppu). Here are some examples.

A unique aspect of Carnatic music is to sing or perform rhythmic compositions (Korvais) as the finale of creative interludes (Kalpanaswarams or Thaniavarthanams). The finale should conclude at the exact point where the song should resume. Choose the speeds (Nadais) of your composition, the rhythm cycle (Thalam), and the start point (Eduppu) of the song. Let our app calculate the duration of the compositions for you.
Nadais is something like "4-66-888" which means play the Korvai once in Chaturshram, twice in Trishra Mel Kaalam, and thrice in Chaturshra Mel Kaalam. Nadais could also be something as simple as "444" which means play the Korvai thrice in Chaturshram.
Thalam is the number of Mathrais in one avarthanam cycle, example 14 for Mishra Chapu, 64 for Two Kalai Aadi Thaalam.
Eduppu is the eduppu of the song in Mathirai, for example 4 for what's commonly called Arai Edam.

The Nadais to play the Korvai in. Examples: 334, 3-44-555, 4-66-888.

The Thalam of the song (in Mathirai), example 64 for Two Kalai Aadhi Thalam.

The eduppu of the song (in Mathirai), example 6 for what's called Mukkal Edam; or 0 for Samam, the start of the cycle.

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